Are you looking to prioritise time and space to what you value most? Do you want to hone in on what’s important to you and take action to engage in your most fulfilling life? Julie Donnell is a North Shore based Lifestyle Wellness Coach – we caught up with her recently to find out who can benefit from mindset coaching and what exactly is involved.

Through her business, The Life Stylist, Julie Donnell works mainly with professional women juggling work and family who have achieved a successful lifestyle on the outside, yet on the inside may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or purposeless. With her support she helps them press pause to gain clarity, direction and find more joy.

The mother of four – a former Occupational Therapist who received her coaching certification through the International Coaching Federation – offers personalised one-to-one support to help you clarify what’s important to you. Her coaching creates a clear pathway of how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. By taking a fresh, practical look at core values, personal strengths, limiting beliefs, daily habits, life purpose and values-aligned goals, Wellness Coaching is designed to enrich your overall mindset, well-being and happiness.

As Julie explains:

“Coaching isn’t counselling, therapy or advice giving. It’s empathic listening, understanding and asking questions to help individuals find their own answers, navigate the obstacles and take action. It’s far more effective, rewarding and sustainable when client’s gain their own insights, new perspectives and motivation for change.”

Willoughby resident and mindset coach, Julie Donnell

Often family and friends can be too close to be objective, and talking issues through with a coach with no agenda or judgement can lead to positive breakthroughs. Having someone relate to you as your best self, committed to stretch you out of your comfort zone while gently walking alongside you with compassion and belief is the ‘sweet spot’ that coaches specialise in.

During lockdown face-to-face sessions are unavailable however many of Julie’s clients find phone sessions to be equally or even more effective.

Introductory sessions are 90 minutes and standard sessions are 60 minutes. Prior to any session Julie offers a complimentary 15 minute ‘Discovery Call’ to identify if coaching is a good fit for the individual. This ‘Discovery Call’ can be booked through her website.

The Life Stylist Coach
0401 250 664

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