We talk all things crystal clear pools with local pool pros, Andy and David Cameron.

We sat down with our local Poolwerx franchisee owners David and Andy Cameron and got the lowdown on what you need to do to get your pool summer ready this year. These two are the best in the business and, after successfully helping Mosman residents, they’ve recently opened a new franchise in Chatswood. Here’s everything you need to know.

Summer is just around the corner. What is the number one issue you see pool owners coming in with as the weather warms up?

We always tell our customers, ‘You need the right equipment, doing the right job’.

Outside of that our top issue is equipment repair – this is the time of year to perform some simple tests to look for problems. By this we mean you can look for leaks, check clock timers, clear acid and chlorine feed tubes, and test the water. Little parts make a big difference. Repairing or replacing those parts now can prevent problems.

You also need to consider the crazy weather we’ve had this year. Many pools had trouble after all the rain and storms.

No one wants to be working on their pool all summer, we want to relax and enjoy it the most on the hottest days! So, our biggest recommendation is to get in early.

What are some of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy pool?

A healthy pool means healthy water – keeping just the right balance of minerals and chemicals. In summer the best thing you can do is to check and test the pool more often. Keeping on top of things means you don’t need to work harder to keep your pool healthy!

We recommend testing the water every week AND if the water level goes way up or way down! So, for example, if we get more heavy rain or a storm – test again. It’s also worth remembering when we start getting really hot days, the water and chemicals evaporate into thin air – test again. You can never test too much!!!

Frequent testing means you can keep your water clean, sanitised and free of nasties.

And right now, it couldn’t simpler – both our Poolwerx Mosman, and the new Chatswood store, provide a comprehensive water test in 60 seconds – for free.

We’re open seven days a week and we even offer mobile servicing so you’ve got no excuse!

What are your top three tips for people who are thinking about refurbishing their pool, or installing a new pool?

1) Talk to your friends who have a pool. Ask them about features that they love – or regret! You never really know until you’ve lived with it for a while so this is often a great place to start.

2) Get quotes from 4 different pool builders. It’s also wise to start getting quotes in March/April so that you can start construction in winter and beat the rush.

3) Once you have a design, please visit us at Poolwerx Mosman or Chatswood. We can offer you a different perspective to your builder because we look at the whole life of the pool…years and years into the future.

Our team at Poolwerx can offer simple, no-nonsense advice on how to maintain your pool in the best way possible. We can save you thousands of dollars with energy-efficient equipment and the perfect pool blanket.

What can locals expect from your Poolwerx stores in Mosman and Chatswood?

The beauty of the Poolwerx brand is that it offers the best of both worlds. Not only are we a nationwide franchise but, more importantly, we’re family owned and operated. The business has all our sweat, tears and salt (pardon the pun). We are genuinely passionate about what we do.

Both our stores have friendly, knowledgeable staff that can quickly offer you a free water test! From there we can assist with a full range of pool chemicals, equipment, spare parts and more.

To celebrate the opening of our Chatswood store we’ve also got a fantastic offer happening in our Chatswood and Mosman stores. At the moment you can get 20kg of salt or 15L of chlorine for just $12.95 each. If we’re up for another big wet season again it would be well worthwhile stocking up now at this great price!

We’d love you to visit one of our stores and meet the team. We’ve been servicing pools in this area for over eight years and I’m confident we can help with your pool maintenance or repair this summer.

Poolwerx Mosman
58 Harbour Street Mosman
02 8317 2277

Poolwerx Mosman
171 Victoria Avenue Chatswood
02 9417 1588

Website – Mosman: www.poolwerx.com.au/locations/nsw/poolwerx-mosman
Website – Chatswood: https://www.poolwerx.com.au/chatswood-west-2067/

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