The Quarantine Depot site on the Berrys Bay foreshore at Waverton has been handed over to North Sydney Council to be used as community space. It borders the construction site of the Western Harbour Tunnel.

The NSW Government has taken a step in unlocking the Berrys Bay foreshore at Waverton for public use with the transfer of ownership of the Quarantine Depot site to North Sydney Council now finalised “to fulfil our vision of increased community space for locals to enjoy”.

Member for North Shore, Felicity Wilson, said the 2.19 square kilometre former government-owned site on Balls Head Road, Waverton, features two locally heritage-listed cottages and access to the waterfront.

“This is a huge win for our local community and is a major step in my promise to transform Berrys Bay. I have engaged closely with the local Council and community to deliver this outcome for them,” Ms Wilson said.

“The site has been dormant for many years and will now be returned to the community to provide more than 2 square kilometres of extra open space for public recreation.”

The NSW Government has undertaken all the necessary remediation work required to ensure the land and buildings are safe for future uses before the $2.3 million transfer to North Sydney Council was completed.

“The NSW Government has stipulated that the Council must reserve the property grounds for community open space for at least 15 years as part of the conditions of the transaction.”

The former depot site borders the foreshore area of Berrys Bay that will be used as a temporary support site for the construction of the Western Harbour Tunnel, before being returned by the NSW Government as an enhanced public precinct.

“We understand how important Berrys Bay is to both locals and visitors, which is why the Government is working closely with the community and key stakeholder groups to help shape what that area should look like once the tunnel construction is completed,” Ms Wilson said.


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