On a daily basis, Lanna carefully selects the freshest herbs for her dishes. A local Sydney food critic once wrote, “The secret of Lanna’s delicious dishes is a combination of fresh and fragrant produce, cooked to perfection with subtle flavours and mouth-watering sauces emitting splendid aromas.”

Lanna Tran has been delighting Mosman customers with her fine dining presentation of Vietnamese food for over twenty years.

For Lanna, fresh, high quality ingredients have been central to her menus. For many years she has grown her own herbs for the restaurant. Produce are carefully sourced from the best Vietnamese growers and producers throughout the area.

Her current menu reflects a developing interest in plant based food exploiting the traditional base of Vietnamese cooking with its concentration on fresh ingredients, fragrant herbs and pepper based sauces.

Of course, her menu retains those dishes that have made her restaurant a regular haunt for satisfied locals.

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