Project 2060

Arts & Culture North Sydney is celebrating creativity via ‘Project 2060’ with fun workshops, sculptures, new media, painting, textiles and other forms of artistic expression. Here’s the full list of events and workshops to pop in your diary…

Project 2060: Homeward Bound, is the brainchild of Arts & Culture North Sydney. This major collaborative curatorial initiative is aimed at celebrating rich creative activity across the North Sydney area with the help of artists and groups who regularly contribute to the Council’s broad range of arts programs.  

Project 2060

It’s also a chance for little locals to interact with and appreciate the myriad forms of artistic expression to fuel their own creative side. They’ll learn to make paper art objects, learn about art, science and magic in the kitchen, walk through an animal kingdom-themed art exhibition and so much more!

According to the Council, the project comes on the back of the past year which has significantly changed the way we engage, interact and connect with our surroundings, and how the notion of ‘home’ has been altered as¬†the boundaries between work, home and play blurred.

Project 2060
Image: Arts & Culture North Sydney

“The artists invited to participate in the project responded to the curatorial theme with great enthusiasm as it presented a unique opportunity to articulate how they have coped during these challenging and unprecedented times,” according to North Sydney Council.¬†

Workshops for Your Calendar

Get ready for a busy March! Here are all the workshops you can attend over the coming weeks:

Exhibitions to Bookmark

Project 2060
Image: Arts & Culture North Sydney
  • Homely Offerings at Coal Loader Tunnel (10-21 March, 10am-5pm) –¬†43 artists and 6 groups working across a range of media will transform the otherwise empty underground chambers and tunnel 1 into a series of interactive and immersive spaces.
  • Mix and Match City: Animal Kingdom at Coal Loader Artist Studio (10-21 March, 10am-5pm) – a playful and thought-provoking art installation developed in response to the children’s online art exhibition (2020), I Spy with My Little Eye.
  • In Flight at inTransit Art Space, Council Chambers (25 February to 29 March, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) –¬†artists bring their favourite birds to life¬†in this exhibition of bold and expressive ‚Äėbird portraits‚Äô.
  • Material Comforts at Bridget Kennedy Project Space (10-27 March, Wednesday to Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm) – an exhibition of contemporary jewellery that subverts our perceptions of the traditional creative pursuits of crochet, embroidery and stitching.
  • Mind Garden 4 at Ted Mack Civic Park (16 February to 6 April) –¬†a selection of beautifully detailed sculptural works that transform the contained glass exhibition plinth into a magical, almost terrarium type world of intrigue, colour and ‚Äėlife‚Äô.

Contact details

Phone: 9936 8187
Instagram: @artsandculturenthsyd

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