This week, we traded putting the kids to bed for some hands-on fun at Crock’d. The vibe was set from the start – the music was good, the space was welcoming, and bottomless drinks (including delicious mocktails) were on offer.

Once everyone arrived, our host Alice introduced herself, sharing her experience with clay and how it embodies Crock’d’s motto: “Get out of your head and into your hands.” Sharing that she works in the criminal justice system, which if you’re anything like us conjured images of Law & Order. But as Alice explained, working with clay is her escape from the stress of the daily grind – a way to truly unwind.

Our “Slab Shapes n’ Sips” class was all about hand building from uh, a slab of clay, allowing us unleash our creativity on anything we could imagine. After a quick rundown of basic techniques, we were off crafting our own masterpieces. From tiny vases (we were all quite proud!) to more ambitious creations (things got interesting!), it was the most fun we’ve ever had in a pottery studio.

If you’ve ever tried a pottery class, you’ll know it can be an intimidating experience. It’s impossible not to compare your wobbly efforts to that one ‘beginner’ in the class who has the skills of a renaissance sculptor. But at Crock’d, your host gives gentle reminders that it’s about the process not the end result. Free from pressure, the low stakes allows everyone to truly unwind, have a giggle and embrace their creativity.

Two blissful hours flew by as we were surrounded by good music, friendly company, and the satisfying squish of clay. We didn’t once think about work or our to-do lists or anything other than shaping and joining clay and singing along to a cracking playlist. It was magic.

Some of our actual creations!

This ‘pure magic’ feeling was how Crock’d all started. On a rainy Friday afternoon, co-founders Rosa-Clare Willis and Andrew Ford were looking for a way to unwind from the week. They figured they’d order some clay online, watch some tutorials and get their creativity on. Only ordering clay wasn’t so easy — it involved wholesale accounts and bulk amounts. After the frustration of spending $100 on the wrong clay (they’d accidentally bought face clay), and eventually hosting a clay crafternoon with friends (it was a hit), they realised they were onto something more people needed to experience.

Whether you navigate a demanding job or simply need a break from daily pressures, Crock’d is a fun way to get ‘out of your head’ and get creative with your hands. Their Term 2 classes are happening now, and there are plenty of one-off options from beginner wheel (all ages) to fun date night and ‘Booty Mugs and Margs’ classes.

If you’re looking for a unique Mother’s Day idea, consider their ‘Mugs with Mumm’ classes next weekend – French champagne and clay, what could be better!


Mugs with Mumm

Saturday 11 May – Sunday 12 May, 2024.

To book:

Slabs Shapes n Sips Class

Next class 8th and 14th May, 2024.

To book:

Neutral Bay

81-91 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

(Corner Shop, opposite The Oaks, Neutral Bay)


And Fairlight coming soon!

Images: supplied by Crockd.

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