Lane Cove finally has its own Women’s Shed, thanks to the tireless efforts of Pam Daniel, a local resident who saw the value in the Men’s Shed initiative and decided to create a space for women with similar interests.

“It all started about two years ago,” Pam explains. “I took things to Facebook and started building a community there.”

Pam quickly discovered that the red tape of registration, licensing, and establishing operational rules was a significant hurdle. However, her determination to create a space for women to learn and enjoy carpentry work kept her motivated.

“We had several meetings in Lane Cove to gather interested women,” Pam says, “but starting from scratch proved challenging.”

A restoration project underway at the shed.

Undeterred, Pam found support from the Parramatta Women’s Shed, who shared valuable documents to help navigate the process. A breakthrough came when the Lane Cove Men’s Shed offered them space to operate one day a week.

“There were still clearances to get, police checks and approvals from various organisations,” Pam adds. “But finally, this year, we were able to launch in earnest.”

The Lane Cove Women’s Shed currently operates on Fridays, focusing on training members to use carpentry tools safely. Membership comes with a focus on safety precautions and adherence to established rules. The shed operates on a rent-and-share consumables model.

A few of the tools and toys that come out of the Lane Cove Shed initiative.

“We have over 100 followers on Facebook, but converting them into active, paid members has been difficult,” Pam admits. “We do however, offer a social membership option for those who simply want to connect and build friendships.”

Funding remains a hurdle. The high insurance and operational expenses strain the initiative, especially since many members also work full or part-time.

“Participation is growing slowly, but we encourage everyone to come down and see what we’re doing,” Pam says. “Feel free to drop by on a Friday morning and meet the fantastic women working here.”

The Lane Cove Women’s Shed is also looking for volunteers to help them navigate these early stages and establish a thriving community space for women who enjoy working with their hands. 

If you would like to volunteer or find out more about being part of Lane Cove Women’s Shed, you can email Pam here.

Lane Cove Women’s Shed 

Time: Fridays from 10am.

Where: 15 Fig Tree Street, Lane Cove. The Shed is located in the Underground Car Park of the St Columba’s Retirement Centre.


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