Cameragal Montessori – Toddler Playroom

Baby Development

Our tailored early education program supports your child to positively explore their movement, speech, focus, independence and confidence so they develop a love of learning and grow to their full potential.

Three years that shape a lifetime.
In the first three years of life your child’s brain develops more than at any other time, setting lifelong cell connections that help determine future behaviours, attitudes and capabilities.

As the only registered Montessori school in the lower north shore, our focus is on nurturing positive interactions between your child, their teachers, and classmates during these formative years to set connections that develop empathetic, confident and curious lifelong learners.

How we give your child a special start in life…
Making the most of early learning opportunities is key to supporting your child’s development. As a parent, there are many options available to you – but not all deliver the same results. Our Montessori program differs from traditional day care methods in three key ways:

  • Small groups: All classes contain under 10 children, facilitated by a qualified and experienced Montessori teacher who has the time and space to give your child the focus they deserve
  • Tailored learning: Each child chooses from activities tailored to meet their individual development pace and needs, which are monitored and regularly optimised by their teachers
  • Focused activities: We use fascinating and beautiful materials as the basis for activities.
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