Timothy and Robin Moon are not your average semi-retired couple. Both hailing from impressive careers – Tim in architecture and Robin in health management – they developed a fascination with photography later than many with their enviable skills. This passion has led them around the world to some stunning locations, and now they’ve channelled that energy into a new local photography initiative – the Mosman Photography Awards.

Neutral Bay local Robin Moon was working in Tasmania in 2015 when she realised her iPhone would not capture the stunning Aurora Australis in the way she wanted. She wandered into a camera shop and the rest, as they say, is history. She’s now an award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer running workshops for beginners and professionals for Sony. According to Robin,

“If you see a story, move fast! Story is stronger than technique – being playful has helped develop my ‘style’.”

Robin’s image of Balmoral took the Mosman Living Facebook group by storm in 2018, gathering a staggering 650 likes.

Her husband, Tim Moon, majored in art before embarking on an impressive architectural career, including the design of many Mosman homes. Always creative, the leap to photography once Robin’s passion took off was not a huge one, and before long he was studying the painters of the 18th and 19th centuries to see how they handled light and composition.

“I now approach my image making as I would a drawing or a painting. I assemble images and will often combine photos taken in the same location, to help tell an extended story of place. I don’t let the camera limit me or tell me what I can and can not see. It is only a tool in the creative process.”

They are both now prolific in the local photography scene – Tim is the President of the Mosman Camera Club, with Robin sitting on the committee. First established in 1906 as the Mosman Photography Society, the Mosman Camera Club in its current form has been around since 1956. The Club is a not for profit organisation run by a committee of volunteers who have a strong passion for photography. Membership covers a wide demographic with photographers of various skills ranging from beginners to the more advanced. The Club organises a formal program of meetings for competitions, workshops
and presentations, along with a number of outings and weekends away to enable social interaction and learning experiences in a more casual setting.
* Monthly meetings are currently online in line with Federal and State distancing regulations

“Double take” by Robin Moon

Both are passionate about telling stories through photos. They share a keen but friendly rivalry, and their enthusiasm for the genre is undeniable. Just this week they both triumped at the Federation of Camera Clubs TopShot Awards – Robin was the winner in the Australian landscape section; and Tim the winner in the Open Colour Digital Image section (incidentally, Robin took out the overall award for TopShot image of the year).

The launch of the Mosman Photography Awards has been a labour of love for the couple, not least with Covid thrown in to the mix of the launch year. But this great initiative for Australian and New Zealand photographers is now up and running. The Mosman Photography Awards aim to showcase the use of photography as a creative art, for the making of traditional and contemporary images. With a number of categories to enter for photographers of all styles and ages, there are also some great prizes to be won. Robin is one of eight esteemed judges, and Tim has been working behind the scenes as the Mosman Camera Club is facilitating the awards.

It’s wonderful to see a couple so devoted to bringing awareness to others about the joys of photography as a hobby and an art form. While we wait to see the finalists in the Mosman Photography Awards (entries close on July 3, with the winners to be announced in August), members of the Mosman Living Facebook group will hope to be entertained by a Robin Moon or a Tim Moon image that so frequently delight us!

*Main image by Philip Ramsden

To enter the Mosman Photography Awards, visit mosmanphotographyawards.format.com

To find out more about the Mosman Camera Club, visit mosmancameraclub.com

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