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North Sydney get ready! Cali Press has just launched another of its popular stores right here, ready for everyone to beat the summer heat with something scrumptious and healthy. Here’s everything you need to know…

Our already buzzing suburb has just welcomed a new Cali Press store  — and a soon to be one-stop-shop for your daytime healthy meal needs. The store sits in the heart of North Sydney on 1 Denison Street so you can easily access it when you’re out and about.

Why Cali Press?

Cali Press
Image: Cali Press

What makes Cali Press tick? Well, it draws parallels between delicious food and a clean and balanced diet, inspired by the Californian way of life. It opened its flagship store back in 2014 in the hopes of merging a new juice-bar culture with Sydney’s cafe culture, using only the freshest seasonal produce.

Since then, the business has launched seven more cafes dotted around the city — Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, Barrack Palace, Australia Square, Double Bay, Randwick and its first North Shore branch in Mosman towards the tail end of last year.

If you haven’t checked it out already then it’s definitely one to put on your bucket list. In fact, the off-duty health haunt from the Eastern Suburbs has been a regular spot for celebs including Pip Edwards, Tash Oakley and the like.

What’s on the Cali Press menu? 

The menu features popular items like  ‘The Godfather’ with ‘Pacino mylk’, espresso shot, banana, vanilla bean, cinnamon, dates, almond butter and the signature ‘Berry collagen’ smoothie with real vegan collagen, is the ultimate beauty tonic to rejuvenate skin.

Plus its latest edition to the menu is one to check out. The ‘Cold Brew Hazelnut Latte’ features Allpress cold brew espresso, rich and creamy flavours of almond milk and hazelnut, with a dash of coconut sugar and cinnamon to finish. It’s all-natural, vegan and only 75 calories!

Cali Press
New Cold Brew Hazelnut Latte. Image: Cali Press

Cali Press also boasts a range of hearty bowls and sandwiches that will sort you out when you’re looking for a quick-fix meal. For a guilt-free snack, grab a chia pot, bircher muesli or avocado on toast to go with your choice of drink.

Cali Press
Image: Cali Press

Get the app!

If you don’t want to get stuck in the queue then you have the option of ordering ahead. How? All you have to do is download the new Cali Press app which allows you to punch in your order and skip the queue altogether.

Oh, and there’s more. You can earn $9 credit for every $99 you spend and there’s free coffee on sign up, a refer-a-friend scheme and access to all exclusive member offers.

Don’t have the Cali Press app installed yet? Download it right here.

Cali Press’ growth over the years is a testament to our demand for healthier options to our food scene. So add it to your breakfast or lunch roster if you please or alternatively, you can shop online for their specially designed juice cleanse bundles if you’re looking to detoxify your body.

Don’t forget to tag Cali Press and North Sydney Living on Instagram when you make it to the store. Enjoy!

Contact details
Address: 1 Denison St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Instagram: @calipressjuice

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