north sydney mayor

Councillor Zoë Baker has been re-elected as the Mayor of North Sydney Council, with Councillor William Bourke elected Deputy Mayor at a meeting on Monday 25 September 2023.

They were both elected, uncontested. Mayor Baker was previously elected as North Sydney Mayor in January 2022, following the 2021 Local Government elections, and is pleased to continue the work she has started together with her fellow councillors.

“I am so grateful for the faith you have placed in me and beyond grateful to be able to serve with a group of councillors who have worked constructively and collaboratively to place community interest above personal interest,” Mayor Baker said.

north sydney mayor

Mayor Baker is the daughter of a former Mayor, as she noted back in 2022.

“I am incredibly lucky to be the daughter of Carole Baker, the first woman mayor of North Sydney, serving in that role over 40 years ago. My mother instilled in me a deep expectation of and commitment to active public service. I’m exceptionally fortunate to stand on the shoulders of the incredible, formidable women who came before me,” Mayor Baker said.

Mayor Baker and Deputy Mayor Bourke will serve in the role for one year until 14 September 2024, the day before the 2024 Local Government Elections.

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