Stickers are making a strong comeback and the local business selling them isn’t just catering to children.

Founded in 2019, North Sydney business Postix Sticker Club offers newbies and enthusiasts alike a monthly sticker subscription. However, the hobby goes beyond just colourful and quirky designs.

Recalling her obsession with Granny May’s, a novelty store from the 80s and 90s, Stephanie Moring started Postix Sticker Club to bring joy to people’s lives and enhance their mental wellbeing. Her stickers have been designed for organising, decorating and brightening people’s days, but some also serve as a reminder for people to take care of their mental health.

Above: Postix Sticker Club founder Steph Moring with some of her creations

Using stickers as a creative outlet, alongside journalling and scrapbooking, can provide mental health benefits like managing stress, self-reflection and problem solving.

“As adults, we rarely take time out for ourselves, especially without our phones,” Steph said.
“Stickers have been a saviour for me – they motivate and inspire me to journal every day which is my own kind of mindfulness practice.”

Steph’s sales reflect just this. Her Mental Health Matters sticker sheet which features stickers relating to healthy habits like “be creative”, “go outdoors”, “look after your body”, “talk to someone” and “rest” has been re-stocked three times.

With customer reviews raving the stickers have made a “difference to my motivation, inspiration and planning habits”and “helped me on my journey to self-love”, Postix is paving the way for sticker enthusiasts Down Under. Postix’s sticker sales have increased by almost 20 per cent in the past year in Australia and a mega 149 per cent in the US.

“I loved collecting stickers growing up and realised as an adult that there was nowhere to buy high quality, premium stickers,” Steph said.

“I started out thinking I’d be mostly selling stickers to parents and kids but it was the adult audience that really took off.

postix sticker club

“Adults around the world are swapping stickers and using them to connect with each other.

“Stickers are helping people to find time for themselves and build relationships with those important to them.”

You’ll often find Steph out and about in the North Sydney area, either grabbing coffee at Kingswood Coffee or The Grumpy Baker. And she takes time out of most mornings for sitting along the waterfront at Anderson Park, Neutral Bay. It’s her way of reflecting before kicking off her day and getting stuck into business.

“I have a lot of adult customers and tend to bring a lot of natural elements into some of my more mature designs,” she said.
“It’s the colour combinations I see in nature that inspire me the most.”

Postix Sticker Club

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