North Sydney Council want to empower residents to improve their recycling practices, live more sustainably and work towards becoming a zero waste community. They’ve recently engaged on demand collection service RecycleSmart to assist.  

Adding to North Sydney’s home recycling services, RecycleSmart will provide residents with on demand collection of tricky-to-recycle items. These include items that are  recyclable, but cannot be thrown away in the yellow bin (i.e. soft plastics, e-waste,  clothing and misfits such as batteries and bulbs). 

Mayor Zoe Baker said Council is focused on investing in sustainable initiatives this term and encouraging residents to pick up some positive recycling habits. 

“Sustainability starts in our homes, and we can all recycle more if we had the right tools  in our hands. I’m happy we’re able to give our residents access to this program that will  help make recycling easier at home and to engage a company like RecycleSmart who  share our sustainability values. 

“Whether this helps you kick off your sustainability journey or step up your game, we  hope this initiative will reduce the amount of items going into the red bin which can be  recycled instead.” 

How does RecycleSmart work? 

  • Visit the RecycleSmart website or download the free app onto your phone
  • Fill a shopping bag with “non-bin” items and book a Power Pickup in a few clicks 
  • Subscribe for free for a monthly Power Pickup or book a single Power Pickup for $2 each time you have a bag ready 
  • Place the bag/s outside your building on the pickup date before 8am. The RecycleSmart team will come to your doorstep and ensure your waste is properly  recycled. RecycleSmart weigh every bag they collect, so you can keep track of your  recycling records. 

Accepted Waste 

  • Soft plastics – plastic that can be scrunched 
  • Textiles – wearable clothes including shoes, bags, towels, bed linen
  • Textiles in non-reusable condition – clothes and linen that cannot be reused
  • E-waste – small electronics, appliances and mobile phones 
  • Misfits – Batteries, printer cartridges, lightbulbs, paint (2L max and sealed), gas  bottles, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, x-ray films, aerosols 
  • Toys, DVDs, Books – in good condition 

The problem this partnership aims to address: 

Only 18% of single-use plastics are recovered from recycling. Another 11% make their way into the environment, mostly ending up in oceans. When it comes to residential  waste, 20% of what goes into a red bin should actually be recycled.

“We are here to change the way people feel about recycling so they recycle more things, more often. We achieve that by making recycling digital, fun and easy. We believe  recycling should be something you look forward to doing,” said Giorgio Baracchi, CEO  and co-founder of RecycleSmart. 

Book your RecycleSmart collection today and find out more at

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