The beautiful local area is not short on green spaces and fabulous places for the kids to play. Here are just some of the best North Sydney playgrounds for little locals, and we’ll keep adding to the list!


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St Leonard’s Park

Address: Miller St, North Sydney

Image: Austra Liano

Who could go past this one for the best North Sydney playgrounds? And North Sydney Council’s exciting stage 4 of the St Leonards Park Landscape Master Plan is complete! The St Leonards Park children’s playground upgrade now has the addition of a new older kid’s playground area catering to the more thrill-seeking children, while the existing junior playground area has been rejuvenated and still caters to toddlers.

The exciting playground upgrade creates a new entertainment hub for families to bring their children for a fun outdoor activity, with new climbing, swinging, soaring and inclusive elements to entertain all the kids young and old for hours.

Having BBQ and toilet facilities adjacent to the playground provides a great location for an enjoyable day out for the family.

Berry Island

Address: end of Shirley Rd, Wollstonecraft

North Sydney playgrounds

Perfect for school holidays or weekends, Berry Island is where adventures are made! It’s a very picturesque part of our area, with a beautiful green space, a great waterside playground, boats, some brilliant Aboriginal history, a naval base within view, and there’s even a kid-friendly bushwalk right in the middle.

You could easily spend a day here with the option of running around or kicking a ball on the oval, picnicing or bbqing (with bbq facilities on site), and taking a walk to look at the boats and exploring the rockpools and mini-beaches on the left-hand side. The playground is also wonderful, with a hidden treehouse, lots of mini play equipment, swings, climbing frames, two double tube slippery dips, and some awesome low lying branches for kids to clamber over. It has an incredible view over the water and is fully fenced.

Once you’re done playing, right next to the playground is The Gadyan Track – a 20 minute bush walk that “interprets Berry Island’s Aboriginal history”. Dogs are also welcome at Berry Island if they’re on-leash, and there are toilet facilities on site. See the NS Council website for more:

Tunks Park Playground

Address: Brothers Avenue, Cammeray

North Sydney playgrounds

It’s the local playground with incredible views. In fact, the treehouse that’s attached to the slide probably has views many would pay good money for. The playground is located at the top of the hill before you hit the oval, and it’s clearly been designed to fit into the natural landscape. There are two levels of play – the main area has a fabulous wooden ramp and rope bridge, double diggers, tube slide and, as mentioned, a brilliant treehouse. There’s also a spider-themed climbing frame, stand-up see-saw and wobble ride.

The upper level is great for smaller children and has a small, colourful games zone, mini slide, swings, nature bingo and some interesting froggie characters to discover in the bushes.

One of the best things about Tunks Park Playground is that you can make a whole morning or afternoon out of it. Once kids have had enough of the playground, it’s always worth wandering down to either the oval for a lovely stroll or scooter, or on a little further to the boat ramp to see the fish or seagulls and boats. This is a lovely spot for a picnic lunch and the coffee/muffin cart is usually in the carpark as well.

For more, see

Grasmere Children’s Park

Address: 61 Young St, Cremorne

North Sydney playgrounds

This is a fantasy playground for young children. Best suited to the toddler, preschool and even junior primary age group, Grasmere Children’s Park isn’t a huge playground, but littlies can while away hours on the different equipment and exploring all the beautiful nooks and crannies.

north sydney playgrounds

Colourful toadstools hide in a corner waiting to be discovered. 

It was last upgraded in 2000, and the imagination that has gone into the playspace is to be commended. Says North Sydney Council “this playground capitalises on the existing trees as integral parts of the play space; creating child-scale play gardens. The playground is subtly divided into separate play spaces connected by colourful stepping stone pathways, low level bridges, quiet sitting areas and a range of ground level activities.”

The triple slide is an obvious favourite, but kids also love the spinning cup, rolling log and the four-person spring-mounted pony rocker, which will bring back memories of old-fashioned playgrounds for parents.

There are also swings, a great balance footbridge, giant games and small sculptures scattered around the gardens to offer further ‘discoveries’. There’s also a lovely flat grassed area that’s perfect for a ball game and a picnic, so bring the rug (please note there are no toilet facilities).

For further details, see North Sydney Council’s website

Kesterton Park, North Sydney

north sydney playgrounds

The newest addition to the North Sydney playground scene, Kesterton Park is the perfect place to bask in the sunshine and take in the harbour views. Part of the sympathetic development that has taken place at the Sub base Platypus area, the playground is fully fenced with picnic tables and next to the ferry wharf to watch the boats come and go.

Milson Park

MacDougall Street, Kirribilli

north sydney playgrounds

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of being a parent is how to fit in a morning coffee with the toddler’s park visit. Milson Park is one of the few Lower North Shore playgrounds with fantastic drink options within easy walking distance. The highly acclaimed Flying Bear Café is just a stone’s throw away, so grab your keep cup, fill up and head over to the playground. Milson Park is a nature lover’s delight – the spectacular foreshore is fringed with enormous palm trees, the playground sits in the shade of giant fig trees and MacDougall Street turns into a purple paradise in November when the jacarandas flower.


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