Below Deck Mediterranean is an American reality TV show chronicling the lives of crew members who live and work on mega yachts during charter season in countries such as Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain and France. Mosman’s own Hannah Ferrier has appeared on every season since it premiered in 2016 – here she chats to us about the best and worst parts of working on the show, and why she won’t be returning in the immediate future…

How did you get into Yachting and how old were you?

I was 21 when I first went to the South of France and 22 when I started in yachting! I basically fell in love with the area and wanted to work in whatever industry would allow me to be there!

Which position on the boat is the hardest to work with and why? And are the cabins really as small as they look?

Probably chef. They tend to have strong personalities and we work very closely together! And the cabins are smaller than they look – can you believe?! 

One of the best parts of your personality on screen is that you seem to show exactly how you are feeling – is what we see on TV the true you? Do you ever forget the cameras are there?

I don’t forget them, but I do get used to them! I think what you see on TV is the true ‘work me’, but I certainly show my feelings on my face in work and at home – just ask my boyfriend! 

You mentioned you’ve been a Mosman local on and off since you were 10. Tell us about your Mosman connection.

My dad moved to Mosman when my parents split when I was 10, so it’s always been home. And I am very lucky as my father has made sure he’s got a room for me when I am travelling – I am the biggest daddy’s girl you could meet!

What are you some of your favourite Mosman places – cafes, restaurants, shops, places of beauty etc

 I am in Fourth Village every other day! Whether it’s to shop in the deli, grab breakfast outside in the sun or enjoy a pizza and wine in the evening. I’ve recently fallen in love with the waffles at Monstera and need them in my life every weekend! I am also the biggest fan of Chargrill Charlies! It was a running joke in my family that I would be off the plane and straight to Charlies! 

 And for fashion, you can’t not go past Closet Couture, which is in the same arcade as Penny’s Butcher. Rob is the friendliest shop owner in Mosman and has the most amazing selection of designer goods you could feast your eyes on! I just need to try and not buy everything! 

You and your boyfriend Josh are expecting a baby – congratulations on your pregnancy! Do you think as a family you will be destined to live by the water?

I live in Mosman and plan on staying here, so Balmoral will always be a big part of our lives. 

After the baby is born, do you think we might see you back on our TV screens again?

I would absolutely love to work in entertainment in Australia. My perfect career path would be to move into hosting. 

You’ve seen some of the world’s most beautiful places on your travels – how does Mosman stack up among the places you’ve been?

Mosman is at the top of the list. I can come back from trekking to the top of a Greek Island or exploring the back streets of Cuba and I walk down to Balmoral with my dad and enjoy a wine on the island there and that’s my happy place. Always has been and always will be. 

In Australia you can stream Below Deck Mediterranean on Foxtel & hayu

Images courtesy of Bravo Media and Hannah Ferrier Instagram

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