All North Sydney parents who welcome a new baby into their family are eligible to receive a gifted tree from Council to plant on their property. The tree is a way to commemorate their baby’s birth and positively impact the environment.

New parents can visit Council’s website to request a tree which will be delivered to
their door at no cost to them. The trees being gifted include natives, procured from The Coal Loader nursery, and exotics such as Jacarandas, sourced from an allied private nursery.

North Sydney’s need for more trees

Since 2008, the overall tree canopy cover in the North Sydney local government area
(LGA) has declined by 11.7 percent. This is due to increased infrastructure projects
and urban development. The biggest decline has been on private land.
Council’s goal is to increase total canopy cover to 34.4 percent by 2036. This would
then put the LGA in line with the internationally accepted standard. One way to
achieve this target is to incentivise private landowners to plant more trees on their

Mayor Zoë Baker says: “The program is a lovely way to celebrate the arrival of a new
baby, allowing parents to plant a tree in their honour. As each year goes by, families
can witness the growth and use it to teach their children about the beauty and
benefits of the natural environment. There are many advantages to having more
trees. It improves the ecology of the area, encourages native species, acts as a
carbon sink, has a greenhouse effect, and beautifies North Sydney. The Trees for
Newborns program is also a wonderful opportunity to motivate people to plant
more trees on their own land, thus increasing canopy cover in our local area. Council
data shows that more than half of the North Sydney LGA is private land (58%) so it
makes sense that we encourage people to plant trees on their properties.”

Jacaranda trees are one option families can choose to plant in honour of their newborn babies

When you submit a request for a tree, you can choose from:

  • exotic species, such as a Jacaranda
  • native species with big crowns, such as Eucalypts
  • native species with small crowns, such as Banksias

Council will initially trial the Trees for Newborns program for 12 months.

Visit for more information.

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