Tsavo Wellness is a unique, intimate wellness oasis located in the heart of Mosman, owned and directed by Mother and Daughter wellness advocates Lara and Izzy Lakin.

TSAVO Wellness was born from the idea of creating a local relaxation sanctuary like no other on the North Shore, and it has done just that. Practicing holistic health and wellness their whole lives, Lara and Izzy have carefully considered, tried and tested all of the therapies on offer at TSAVO, to create the most luxurious and deeply beneficial experience.

The word sanctuary is apt in describing TSAVO Wellness – the fit-out and renovation of the space has been lovingly and painstakingly designed to inspire peace, calm and wellness. Walking in off busy Spit Road, you’ll be shocked at how quiet and calming the space and interiors are.

The therapies at TSAVO Wellness aim to leave you walking out a much more relaxed, brighter and
younger-looking self. With the intent to heal the body from the inside out, the amenities include Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (Airpod Hydroxy), Red Light Therapy, Infrared Saunas, Whole-body Cryotherapy, Localised Cryotherapy and an Upper/Lower Body Lymphatic massage suit.

Airpod Hydroxy

The Airpod Hydroxy is a 60 to 90-minute session in a pressurised chamber pumping oxygen and hydrogen through the body. This reduces oxidative stress (ROS), or the stresses of life, which effectively promotes healing on a cellular level, fast tracks recovery from injury/surgery, improves mental clarity and boosts energy.

Red Light Therapy

tsavo wellness

Red light therapy uses red light waves and near infrared light waves to charge your body on a cellular level, scientifically supported to improve skin health, skin and wound healing, injury recovery, sleep and reduce inflammation in the body.

Infrared Sauna

tsavo wellness

Infrared Saunas helps you to sweat out 10% more toxins than a regular steam sauna and therefore has deeply beneficial detoxifying properties for the body. This aids significantly in the reduction of inflammation, boosting of your metabolism, faster muscle and injury recovery and leaves you with healthier and younger looking skin.


Whole-body and localised Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures of -110C and below which cools the skin and shocks the body into healing itself from the inside out. This is extremely beneficial for reducing inflammation, swelling and numbness, migraines, muscle aches and pains, arthritic pain, injury recovery, skin conditions and leaves your body full of endorphins, which will have you feeling completely energised, after just three minutes.

Lymphatic Massage Suit

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The Slimyonik lymphatic massage suit not only gives you the experience of a relaxing massage but also effectively mobilises your lymphatic system on a personalised level to help remove your body of any harmful toxins. This will support you in reducing skin textures and dimply skin, achy or puffy limbs, heavy sensations that weigh you down, poor blood flow and circulation and also enhances recovery from muscle pain (post exercise or post trauma to the muscles).


tsavo wellness

There are also luxurious facials on offer at TSAVO Wellness. A BYONIK facial is an individualised pulse triggered laser treatment for results-driven clients who want real skin benefits pain free. Eminence Organics facials offer a more relaxing experience using products that are all natural, for both organic lovers and results-driven clients.

A point of difference at TSAVO Wellness, other than their unique therapies, is created by the
personalised recommendations and packages offered to clients, individualised to your own
wellness goals. TSAVO also go above and beyond in terms of client experience with their
friendly staff’s in-depth knowledge on all the therapies and how they may help you, an offer
of filtered chlorophyll water on arrival and the opportunity to add-on services, such as
NuCalm, to your therapy for deeper relaxation and added benefits! They provide all of the
towels and equipment and guide you through your service, so it’s as easy as just showing up
to your appointment.

Open Monday to Saturdays – Book your next appointment with ease over the phone or
through the website.

TSAVO Wellness
3A Spit Road Mosman
Website: tsavowellness.com.au/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tsavo.wellness/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tsavo.wellness/

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