Her name is synonymous with the North Shore community after 20 years in the jewellery business, providing bespoke designs to hundreds of local families and their friends. Now Kate Sutton is ready for a whole new generation to fall in love with her work under its new name, UbyKate.

UbyKate is a brand new guise for one of Australia’s most loved jewellery brands, and it was sparked by legal action from global car-ride giant Uber.

“After nearly 20 years as Uberkate, we stopped loving the name. The younger generations associated us with the other Uber and even though we were trademarked here in Australia from 2005, we hit some road blocks in the USA under Uberkate and decided it wasn’t worth trying to protect a name that no longer resonated with us! So… U- by- Kate.. where it’s all about U, but the designs are by me, for U,” Kate explained.

The business began in Kate’s Naremburn garage in 2001, and now she has a thriving jewellery company with its headquarters on Willoughby Road.

Her personalised designs ensure her work stands out from other jewellers. These include her well known hand-made silver circle necklaces, stamped with names and birthdates, symbolising the endless flow of love between those people whose names are engraved in the precious metals.

“The idea came to me as I carried my first child (who is about to turn 20 and is now an integral part of our business) and it grew from 2002, and we still craft those circles today. We can also engrave handwriting from old cards, or letters into our jewellery, creating time capsules in jewellery of loved ones no longer with us.”

Another signature design from UbyKate is a large natural gemstone ring, first launched 10 years ago. This range has now expanded to 20 different gemstones over the years.

“The cocktail ring is a sign of female empowerment as it’s worn on the right hand and was born back in the 1920’s America and worn by women earning their own money and showing society they could ‘buy their own ring’,” Kate enthusiastically detailed.

“What makes us different is our originality. We don’t copy and are not influenced by what the jewellery market is doing. We do us, and luckily our global clients love what we craft,” she said.

UbyKate has a jewellery team onsite crafting one off engagement and wedding ring. They’ve just launched their first ‘alternative wedding’ collection, and are about to release some wedding day earrings for brides.

“We sourced rough Parti- Sapphires and had them cut by our gemstone cutters into our unique ‘tri-cut’ gemstone design. We offer a service where you can choose your sapphire from a group of 10 cut stones, ready to set – diamonds on the sides optional!”

If you have a collection of antique jewellery that might not be your taste or be a different fit to what you require, UbyKate offers bespoke services with the master jeweller on site Monday- Friday, where you can discuss what can be redesigned and reimagined onto a modern heirloom.

Kate says she’s humbled and grateful when she comes across someone at the local supermarket or café wearing one of her pieces, and is thrilled to know her passionate designs are making a difference in people’s lives.

“Each time I see someone’s face when they put on a piece of our jewellery or pick up a custom piece, I’m blown away by how much it means. I always think about how many generations of people down the track will be wearing jewellery we’ve made during the past twenty years. It gives me goosebumps!” Kate said.

“As long as I live, I will never get used to the joy that I feel about people wearing what I have designed.“

All UbyKate pieces are handcrafted so no two pieces are the same and are made using only the finest precious metals in its collections for women, men, children and babies.

“We are small team, a family business, crafting heirlooms by my family to yours. You might have a jewellery repair you need done, or some advice on piece you’ve always wanted. We are right here in Willoughby and can’t wait to see you!”

Learn about UbyKate by visiting her page here.

570 Willoughby Road

10-5pm Monday- Friday
10-3pm Saturdays


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