North Sydney Council has officially stood in solidarity with the people of the Ukraine and will be issuing an invitation to the Ukrainian Ambassador His Excellency Vasyl Myroshnychenko to be a keynote speaker at a local forum.

North Sydney Council has endorsed a resolution from the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) during their National Assembly to support the people of Ukraine. It was unanimously passed by all Councils at the Local Government assembly that:

“We the delegates of the 2022 National General Assembly of Local Government stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and its legitimate elected democratic government in seeking peace, security and stability within the State of Ukraine.”

The motion came after a moving address from Ukraine Ambassador His Excellency Vasyl Myroshnychenko at the assembly.

Council reinforced their support for the motion at its own Council Meeting on 27 June and will invite His Excellency Vasyl Myroshnychenko to North Sydney to be the keynote speaker at a forum hosted by North Sydney Council to raise awareness and maintain focus on the situation in the Ukraine. Cr James Spenceley will also be invited to speak about his humanitarian efforts.

If you’d like to assist at this time, below is a list of some charities who are collecting donations for the aid of the Ukraine crisis:

You can view more on the National Assembly here:

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