The role of the Justice of the Peace (JP) is to act as an independent and objective witness to official or legal documents.

Generally JPs:

  • witness oaths or affidavits
  • take statutory declarations and affirmations
  • witness signatures
  • attest the execution of a document
  • certify a true copy of an original document

Here’s how to find one locally:

The Department of Justice and Attorney General
To search The Department of Justice and Attorney General for a local Justice of the Peace, click on their link: and enter your postcode in the search bar.

Please note their guidelines:

  • JPs on the Register are volunteers. They may not be available at short notice or at all times of the day.
  • You must not use the information on the Register to send unsolicited communications, other than those necessary to enable you to make legitimate use of the JP services.
  • When seeking the services of a JP, please telephone in advance to make an appointment. It is best to telephone during weekday business hours. If urgent contact on a weekend is necessary, please limit your call to a reasonable time of the day.

North Sydney Council

JP Hours at Stanton Library – tel 02 9936 8400

Tuesdays        10am-12pm
Wednesdays   12.30pm-2.30pm
Thursdays       4pm-6pm
Fridays            1pm-3pm 


JP Hours at Council Customer Service – tel 02 9936 8100

Mondays         2pm Р4pm
Tuesdays        10am Р12pm
Thursdays       2pm Р4pm

For the most up-to-date information visit

JP Services

A maximum of 10 documents can be presented. Certify copies of documents as true copies.

  • Please bring the original document, and provide the photocopy/ies for certification. Electronically issued documents¬†can only be certified¬†where they are downloaded and printed from the issuing website in front of the JP. You may therefore wish to bring your own electronic device or use one of the library‚Äôs computers.

Witness a statutory declaration under the NSW Oaths Act 1900, an Australian affidavit, or a Commonwealth of Australia statutory declaration.

  • For NSW statutory declarations, please bring photographic identification with you. If you do not speak or read English please bring someone to interpret.

Witness signatures on legal documents and administering oaths as authorised by a NSW legislation.

  • If your document does not indicate the relevant NSW Act or NSW Regulation authorising the JP to witness your signature then¬†please find out the details from the issuing body or your legal professional. If the NSW Act or NSW Regulation cannot be identified then the JP¬†will not¬†be able to witness the document for you.

The JP is unable to witness signatures on international documents. Contact a Notary for this purpose: Notary Locator

Other nearby Justices of the Peace

Please contact The Kirribilli Centre, 9922 4428, or

Also, Greenwood Plaza – please contact directly.

Mosman Council

Council’s Customer Service Centre offers a JP service, subject to availability. Bookings are required for the service and can be made by calling 9978 4000.

A JP service is also available at Barry O’Keefe Library on Wednesdays only from 12pm to 2pm with no bookings required.

Following advice from the NSW Department of Justice, JPs are unable to witness or verify Enduring Powers of Attorney or Laminated Citizenship Certificates. NSW JPs also cannot witness the execution of international documents for use overseas, including Proof of Life.

For the most up-to-date information visit

Willoughby Council

When: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Where: Council’s Customer Service Centre, Level 4, 31 Victor Street, Chatswood¬†

Willoughby City Council Administration Building

Level 4/31 Victor Street, Chatswood 2067 ph: 02 9777 1000

This service is also available:

  • Tuesdays at West Chatswood Library, 3.30-4.30 pm
  • Thursdays at Artarmon Library, 6-7pm
  • Wednesday and Saturday mornings, 10am-12pm, at Chatswood Library on The Concourse
  • Thursday evenings 5.30-7.00pm at Northbridge Library
  • Tuesday mornings 10am-12pm at Northbridge Plaza (Level 1 opposite Seed Women & at the Lower Level of Plaza near carpark entrance door)

Please note:
‚ÄúCouncil Officers who are registered JP’s are available for the following requests only: Witnessing of signatures¬†on documents that state that the witness must be a Justice of the Peace, verifying copies of original documents, maximum of ten (10) pages only for any one request each day, swearing of affidavits¬†and the signing of attachments in relation to the affidavit, witnessing Statutory Declarations¬†and the signing of attachments to the Statutory Declaration.
See the website for more:

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