Our Federal MP, Kylea Tink, is outraged that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has thrown his support behind the SBS broadcast studios being moved to Western Sydney.

A feasibility study is being commissioned into moving our national multicultural broadcaster, SBS, to western Sydney, but Albanese has supported the idea.

Source: Anthony Albanese Facebook

“We’ll wait and see what the study says, but it certainly makes sense for such a fast-growing, multicultural community to be the home of the broadcaster that celebrates and serves Australia’s diversity,” Albanese said today at the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue.

“It would be an important cultural investment in western Sydney and a creator of construction jobs.”

But North Sydney member Kylea Tink has rubbished the idea, stating that “The Prime Minister has jumped the gun with this position.”

“Media reports this morning have left us all questioning whether the Government’s commitment to a feasibility study was just a hollow promise, as it appears to have a foregone conclusion. On the completion of the feasibility study, the ultimate responsibility for a decision about the relocation rightly rests with the SBS management and Board, not with a
political party.”

“SBS delivers terrific value for money for the Australian community. The hundreds of millions of dollars required to enable the move would deliver much better taxpayer value for money if directed towards increased production of Australian content for all our communities to enjoy.”

Source: Kylea Tink Facebook

“Having recently toured SBS, I was able to see their state-of-the-art studios and it makes no sense to uproot a broadcaster purely to place it in another part of Sydney at huge expense. This would be a devastating loss for our community. Artarmon has been home to SBS for over 30 years. Not only is it an important employer locally, but it also reflects a significant part of our community, representing the diversity that makes North Sydney a great place to live.

“It’s a furphy to say that the North Sydney community doesn’t reflect Australia’s cultural diversity. North Sydney is a vibrant and diverse community with 50% of people living in our electorate born overseas, and 30% speaking a language other than English at home.”

“I invite the Prime Minister, and the Minister for Communications, to visit North Sydney and to see for themselves the value our multicultural community delivers.”

Main image: James Credland

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